Civil Forfeiture

Former federal prosecutor Richard Rice and the attorneys of The Rice Law Firm, LLC are Atlanta Civil Forfeiture Attorneys who specialize in civil forfeiture cases. Unlike a criminal forfeiture, the Government brings a civil forfeiture case “against” the “property.” So, civil forfeiture cases have names or captions like “United States v. $1,250,000.00” or “United States v. 2011 Maserati Quattroporte.”

Because the forfeiture is against the property, after the Government notifies any persons it reasonably believes have an interest in the property and after the Government “notifies” the general public by “advertising” the forfeiture on a website the Government owns, then the civil forfeiture case forfeits everyone’s and anyone’s interest in the property. So, under some circumstances, even if you never knew about the forfeiture case, you can lose your property.

Further complicating matters, civil forfeiture cases in federal court are governed by the “Federal Rules of Civil Procedure” and also by the “Supplemental Rules For Admiralty Or Maritime Claims And Asset Forfeiture Actions.” Then, more recently, Congress made the process more confusing by passing the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act (CAFRA), which changed many of the most basic rules and requirements that had been in effect for years. Civil forfeiture is complex and confusing. It is critical that you hire an experienced Atlanta Forfeiture Attorney such as Richard Rice and the attorneys at The Rice Law Firm, LLC.

Richard Rice is an experienced Atlanta Civil Forfeiture Attorney who previously prosecuted forfeiture cases when he was a federal prosecutor and who now defends against forfeiture actions. Let this experience work in your favor. Richard Rice has obtained the return of millions of dollars and in cash and property for his clients. Protect your liberty. Protect your property. The Rice Law Firm, LLC.

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