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It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native criminal class except Congress.
-- Mark Twain

There is no end to the ways the Government seeks to put its hand into your pocket and take your money and property. Not content with forcing businesses and individuals to pay exorbitant taxes, the Government also tries to seize and forfeit your property, cash, and bank accounts because the Government claims there is some phantom, tangential connection to an alleged violation. Shockingly, the Government often tries to forfeit this property even where the true owner of the property did not commit and may have not even been aware of the violation, and where the property had no actual connection to the violation.

There are literally hundreds of forfeiture statutes or laws. The Government has hidden the many forfeiture provisions throughout the various statutes, regulations, and code provisions. Depending on which forfeiture provision the Government has invoked, there are differences in what type of property and in what manner the Government may take your property. Making it even more complex and confusing, there even are different ways in which you are required to fight the forfeiture, depending on what type of forfeiture proceeding the Government first started when the Government took your property.

For example, there are three primary types of forfeiture proceedings:

  • Administrative forfeiture
  • Civil forfeiture
  • Criminal forfeiture

Each type of forfeiture requires you take different procedures to claim and protect your property.

There are numerous forfeiture statutes, which require the Government to prove different elements when it seeks to seize your property. For example,

  • 21 USC 853, 881 (drug forfeiture statutes)
  • 18 USC 981 (money laundering forfeiture statute)
  • 18 USC 924(d) (firearms forfeiture statute)
  • 18 USC 1963(a) (RICO forfeiture statute)
  • 18 USC 981 (a)(1)(G) (terrorism forfeiture statute)
  • 31 USC 5317 (structuring forfeiture statute)

Similarly, these forfeiture statutes require you to produce different types of evidence in order to claim and protect your property.

The complexity and number of different forfeiture provisions and procedures can be a mine field for inexperienced attorneys. Do not risk your only chance to get your property back.

Forfeiture attorney Richard Rice has forced the Government to return millions of dollars that the Government tried to take from businesses and individuals. Richard Rice has defended businesses and individuals faced with seizure warrants, administrative forfeiture proceedings, and judicial forfeiture proceedings. As a result, Richard Rice has saved companies and families from financial ruin. During his former career as a federal prosecutor (Assistant United States Attorney), Richard Rice conducted forfeiture investigations and prosecuted criminal and civil forfeiture actions. Richard Rice now brings those years of experience to help you. The Government did not earn this money. You did. The Government should not be able to take this money. Don't let it.

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