You have earned your income in a lawful manner. You have paid your taxes on that income. Nonetheless, without any warning or any concern for the impact on your business or your family, the Government has seized all money in your bank accounts because the Government claims you "structured" deposits into the account or withdrawals from the account.

What is Structuring?

Section 5313 of Title 31 of the United States Code requires a bank to file a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) for any transaction in an amount greater than $10,000.00 in cash. Section 5324 prohibits a person from structuring cash deposits or withdrawals "for the purpose of evading the reporting requirements of section 5313(a) . . . ." So, the Government has taken the position that if a person or company has multiple deposits or withdrawals in amounts under $10,000.00, then that person or company may have structured these transactions in order to avoid the bank filing a CTR on the deposits.

Section 5317 provides for the civil forfeiture of any property involved in "structuring" or other types of violations. Additionally, the Government may also seize from you any property that is "traceable" to any such violation or conspiracy.

What can be done?

There ismore than one way you can force the Government to return your money and property. Without an attorney experienced in structuring cases and forfeiture matters, you or your business may have lost even before you have had your day in court. If the Government seizes your bank accounts, cash, or other property, you must act quickly to preserve your rights and optimize the possibility that the Government must return your property.

Forfeiture attorney Richard Rice has forced the Government to return millions of dollars that the Government tried to take from businesses and individuals. Richard Rice has defended business and individuals faced with seizure warrants, administrative forfeiture proceedings, and judicial forfeiture proceedings. As a result, Richard Rice has saved companies and families from financial ruin. During his former career as a federal prosecutor (Assistant United States Attorney), Richard Rice conducted forfeiture investigations and prosecuted criminal and civil forfeiture actions. Richard Rice now brings those years of experience to help you. The Government did not earn this money. You did. The Government should not be able to take this money. Don't let it.

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